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UniSA Iaijutsu and Kendo Club

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About Us

The UniSA Iaijutsu and Kendo club is a coalition of Japanese sword art practitioners.

Iaijutsu practitioners will learn the art of drawing and sheathing the sword, practicing and applying proper cuts and blocks (suburi), practicing forms (kata), partnered kata (kumitachi), samurai etiquette, sword maintenance and other quintessential concepts of traditional swordsmanship.

As auxillary Budō, Naginata-jutsu, Tanto-jutsu, Shuriken-jutsu and Tai-jutsu are also studied in its relation with swordsmanship.

Kendo practitioners will learn the way of Japanese fencing by using bamboo swords (shinai) and protective armor (bōgu) to have full contact training and matches. Users will also learn the traditional form (kata). Kendo ultimately combines both martial arts and sports activities together.

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