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UniSA Magill Karate Club
A representative of the Traditional Japanese Karate Network (TJKN)

The UniSA Karate Club at Magill offers karate classes for both adults and kids at the UniSA Magill Campus. We practice karate as a sport and a Japanese tradition to help you improve your fitness, core strength and confidence, encouraging self-defense and personal development.

Adult classes see a variety of people, from high-school students, university students, working parents, all ranging from their teens to their 50`s... age is never a barrier. Classes are designed to suit anyone in any physical condition, whether you are just looking to get fit, or if you want to be pushed to your limit. Adult classes deal with self defence scenarios, physical conditioning, mental conditioning and meditation.

Whether you do karate for fitness or to learn self-defense you will find as you progress that you also develop a sense of achievement as your skills improve. Karate isn't mysterious, it is a practical training system that many enjoy as both an art and a modern sport.

What should I expect at a typical class?

We take the traditional Japanese approach to training, that is to establish a solid foundation of core techniques that can later be used as framework for more esoteric knowledge. Essentially, early in your training you will drill a limited number of techniques to an intuitive level, so that if you are confronted with a self-defence or competition situation you will be able to employ them without conscious thought. With this strong foundation you will find it easy to learn more complicated techniques and to adapt to any situation.

In a typical beginner’s class you will increase your strength, stamina and coordination through basic drills that involve a range of techniques, including strikes, blocks and escapes from a grappling attacker. These exercises are all organised to bring out your potential, increasing your flexibility, core strength and overall fitness whilst also learning how to effectively defend yourself.

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If you are interested in seeing photos of our seminars, tournaments and activities, take a look at our Facebook group. The photos and information are viewable to all and will give you a great picture of the activities we do and the fun we have!

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