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Welcome to the UniSA Judo Club !
Tue, Thu & Fri 6:30pm, Brookman Hall, Brookman Building City East Campus.
The building in the corner of Frome rd x North Tce

Judo is a martial art and olympic sport that was founded in 1882 by Professor Jigoro Kano. He is well known as a father of physical education and philosopher.

Judo is known for its 67 throwing techniques (Nage waza) but also includes 29 groundwork techniques (Katame waza), by using specialised 7 holds (Osaekomi waza), 10 arm locks (Kansetsu waza) along with 12 choking techniques (Shime waza). Practicing Kata is a great venue to understand the system of the techniques and movements.

We believe Judo is a great way to keep fit and learn self defence. It develops self confidence, concentration and flexibility, as well as physical coordination, stamina and strength.

Students have the opportunity to participate in Judo competitions at Australian University Games, SA challenge, the Nationals and international competitions if they wish.

Training sessions are held at Brookman Hall (Until mid March), UniSA City East Campus. visit our Facebook page for more detail.