UniSA Boardriders (Surfing) [Join/Renew]

UniSA Boardriders (Surfing)

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About Us

The UniSA Boardriders aim is to provide surfing opportunities to local & international students of all abilities, both beginner or expert. The goal is to promote surfing etiquette and surf safety, especially to those who have not being around strong surf beaches. The club offers free membership to all UniSA students, affordable surfing lessons and gear rental. The club has recently added stand up paddle boarding(SUP) to the range of activities that we offer, including SUP hire and SUP lessons.

Main events/activities:
-Surf days
-Learn to surf lessons
-SUP days
-SUP lessons

If you are interested in joining the club please follow the instructions below:
*NOTE: students from OTHER UNIVERSITIES can join the club.

  1. Become a UniSA Sport Member:
    -Click on this link(https://www.unisasport.edu.au/Common/Register.aspx), fill in your email address and follow the prompts.
    -Please note it is FREE to become a UniSA Sport member if you are already a UniSA student. If you are not a UniSA student/staff member there may be an additional small fee.

  2. Become a UniSA Boardriders member:
    -You must have purchased your UniSA Sport membership BEFORE you can become a UniSA Boardriders member.
    -To become a UniSA Boardriders member click on "Join" at the top left corner of this page and follow the prompts.
    -Please note it is FREE to become a UniSA Boardriders member provided you already have your UniSA Sport membership.

  3. Stay up-to-date and get involved
    -Like and follow the club Facebook page(https://www.facebook.com/Unisa-Boardriders-843407425710673/?fref=ts) to keep up to date with any club events and activities.
    -Come out to club events and have fun in the surf.

If you are interested in joining the UniSA Boardriders Committee please contact us. We have a variety of positions available and you can choose a position that interests you or complements the degree you are studying at Uni. PS. This looks awesome on your CV and can help with employment opportunities.

Be sure to like and follow our Facebook page below for any updates regarding the club and our activities.

If you would like more information, feel free to email(surfclub.boardriders@gmail.com) us or message us on Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/Unisa-Boardriders-843407425710673/?fref=ts).