How to Start a New Club

If you wish to join, start or run a UniSA Sport club, please review the instructions below.

Getting Started

If you are interested in starting a new club or affiliating with UniSA Sport, please first ensure that you have reviewed and meet the requirements outlined in the Start a Club document and please follow the instructions on this page.

Please note that any existing UniSA Sport club that is not yet listed in this site should follow the same proceedure as a new club.

Conditions of Affiliation

In order to affiliate a club must be able to meet the following conditions:

  • its aims and objectives must not conflict with those of UniSA Sport.
  • it should not duplicate the activities of an existing club.
  • it must meet and submit the requirements outlined in the Start a Club

Apply Now

Once your club has submitted the documentation, meet with UniSA Sport and gained approval to formally establish the club, please follow the steps below to establish a club webpage and list your club:

  • Register your details to create a new account on this site. If you are already registered, simply sign in at the top of this page.
  • Enter the details of your new club here.
  • Once you have created this new entry, use the menu system to enter your club's members and assets.
  • Use the menu system to select "Submit Club".
  • Press "Submit Club for Approval" and you are done!

Start a New Club