UniSA Sport Insurance


Club and Personal Accident Insurance

UniSA Sport Clubs will be provided Association Liability and Public Liability cover through the University’s insurance policies. Clubs will be issued with a Certificate of Currency upon request, which can be distributed to facility providers and competition managers if required.

The University will also cover all registered and financial UniSA Sport members for limited Personal Accident.

Insurance will only apply to authorised activities of eligible Clubs and registered individual members. Therefore anyone participating in club activities who does not have membership or is participating in an unauthorised or unsanctioned event will not be covered by insurance for injuries or liabilities and the Club Officials and/or individuals in the Club may be held liable for any expenses.

Please note that insurance cannot cover events such as pub crawls.

In the event of an injury or incident occuring, a UniSA Sport Incident Report Form must be completed as soon as possible and returned to UniSA Sport for processing.

Please click here for a copy of the UniSA Sport Member Insurance Cover.

Travel Insurance

Please note that the univeristies travel insurance does not extend to non-compulsory events such as sporting events. As a result should any players competing in events such as the Australian Uni Games or interstate club based competitions require travel insurance for things such as lost luggage, flight cancellation etc. we encourage you to purchase this privately. The University can offer a discounted benefit to staff and students via its insurer ACE with details available here. Please note this is only for travel insurance and personal accident insurance is still included in your UniSA Sport membership for interstate univeristy or club based sporting activities.