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Eye-opening experience at Fencing Grand Prix

Posted By UniSA Sport on 19/06/2017

Last month, UniSA student Georgie Barratt had an eye-opening experience, competing for Australia in the Fencing Grand Prix in Shanghai, China.

The event, which is one of the toughest fencing competitions on the senior circuit, behind the Olympics and World Championships, was a huge jump from what she is used to in Adelaide, especially considering she is one of the only female fencers here and doesn’t have anyone to train with.

Despite being knocked out in the in rounds of pools, Barratt said she knows that being competitive on the international stage is definitely achievable, as she matched her competitors in certain skills.

“It was definitely within reach, it was good to see that with my fitness level and footwork I was able to keep up with all the other girls,” Barratt said.

She also learnt about the aspects she needs to improve, “I need to work on my distance and reading my opponents and more tactical stuff.”

Barratt has also been selected to compete for the Australian Uniroos at the Summer Universiade in Chinese Taipei, and has a lot of training planned before the competition in August.

She will be travelling interstate in order to fence some of the boys in Melbourne and Sydney, working on tactical aspects with her coach and watching as much fencing as she can before trying to apply it to her fencing here.

“It’s going to be about getting it right over and over again in different situations and under faster pressure,” Barratt said.

“I will be training at higher intensity, so hopefully it will all work and come together at the Universiade.”

Written by Kirralee Thomas