Frequently Asked Questions

UniSA Sport - Representative Sport

Q. How do I register for SA Challenge?
A. You must be a current UniSA student to represent UniSA in the SA Challenge. Players can register for each sport via the SA Challenge event page on the UniSA Sport website.

Q. How do I register for Uni Games?
A. You must be a current (enrolled) UniSA Student to represent UniSA at the Uni Games. Students should complete an online expression of interest form on the SUG and AUG event pages on the UniSA Sport website, indicating what sport/s they are interested in. Their details will then be sent to the relevant Team Manager. Alternatively, Team Manager contact details are also listed on the UniSA Sport website and students can contact them directly.

UniSA Sport Clubs & Campus Sport

Q. What is the minimum age to join a UniSA sports club?
A. There is no minimum age to join a UniSA Sporting Club. Some clubs have specific junior programs and others do not. It is up to the individual club whether they accept juniors or not. UniSA Sport Clubs are predominantly made up of UniSA Students and therefore tend to have most members aged over 18.

Q. Where and when do the clubs train?
A. UniSA Sporting clubs train at different times; mainly during the evenings and on weekends and at different locations; both on and off campus. For specific training locations go to the clubs website or alternatively email the club, through the UniSA Sport website.

Q. How do I find out which sports are held on the specific campuses?
A. For specific training locations go to the clubs website or alternatively email the club, through the UniSA Sport website.

UniSA Sport - Magill Swimming Pool

Q. What are the season dates for Magill pool?
A. The Magill Pool is Open from early October and closes early April every year. Se website for specific season dates.

Q. Do I have to book a lane to swim laps?
A. There is no need to book a lane to swim laps at the pool casually. We always have dedicated lap lanes available for people to use.

Q. How do I go about booking a lane or an event at the pool?
A. All bookings for the pool can be done by speaking with the Facility Coordinator at Magill Pool on 8302 4570 or emailing

Q. How do I book for swimming lessons?
A. Swimming Lessons are held throughout the pool season. All bookings must be paid up front for the term upon booking. If your child has not done swimming lessons at the pool previously, they may be required to complete an in water assessment before they begin classes to gauge their swimming ability to ensure they are allocated to the correct class.

Q. What are the age limits for swimming lessons? Do I have to get in the water with my child?
A. The minimum age for children to start swimming lessons is 6 years old. A parent does not need to get in the water with the child.

Q. Is there a swimming club I can join?
A. At present UniSA Sport does not have a swimming club. If you are a student and want to start up a swimming club, please contact UniSA Sport on 8302 0477 for more information about how to do this.

Q. Does my swimming membership include gym access?
A. Unfortunately your pool only membership does not give you access to the gym, but we do offer a full access membership which gives you unlimited access to the pool and gym. Speak to one of our friendly staff for further information.

Q. What can I wear in the pool?
A. Clean swimwear must be worn at all times (street wear such as jeans are not acceptable).

Q. Can I share a Magill Pool multi-visit pass with a friend/family member?
A. A multi-visit pass is only available for one person to use. You cannot share visits and must purchase a multi visit pass separately.

UniSA Sport - Court Sports

Q. How much is court hire for a students, staff members or community members?
A. Student & Staff Hire from 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday is Free Student & Staff Hire from 5pm is $25.00 per court per hour Community Hire is $36 per court per hour.

Q. How do I book a court?
A. Contact the facility here to check availability then staff will provide the necessary documents to complete.

Q. Do you run any sports programs? How do I go about nominating a team?
A. Court Sport programs will be commencing in the second half of 2017. If you are interested in joining or registering a team contact the facility to express your interest here.