UniSA Sport and Recreation Strategic Plan 2015-18

UniSA Sport Strategic Plan

Throughout 2014 UniSA Sport has developed a Sport and Recreation Strategic Plan for a four year period from 2015 – 2018 in consultation with the UniSA Sport Advisory Group and key stakeholders.

The plan establishes a strong framework to develop sport and active recreation as a core, recognised and sought after component of the university experience for current and future students, alumni and the broader UniSA community focusing on four main areas:

  1. establishing a profile and awareness;
  2. building high-quality participation through club, campus, representative and community based opportunities;
  3. improving quality and access to sport and active recreation facilities; and
  4. ensuring the University is equipped with the resources and expertise necessary to effectively deliver the identified priorities.

Together, we believe these strategies will ensure sport and active recreation become an essential part of all student's university experience, and that individual and university wide connections continue long after our students have graduated.

Two versions of the plan are available, a short summary outlining the key strategic priorities as well a detailed version which includes additional background, stakeholder information and operational priorities.  To view either version please click on the relevant link below: