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VC Cup: PSW wins the Lawn Bowls

Posted By Deanna Kennedy on 27/03/2017

The 2017 VC Cup got underway last Friday, with the lawn bowls competition being held at Adelaide Bowls Club.

The School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy made their VC Cup debut and the staff team came away with the win, ahead of the School of Communication, International Studies and Language and Library (2).

Altogether, 14 teams participated with a mixture of staff and student teams which made for a great atmosphere.

Shiller Peirawan was part of the winning PSW team, and said it was a fun day, “we had an absolute ball, and we were pleasantly surprised when we won,” Mrs Peirawan said.

Their team was new to the sport, “we’d never played before so we just went out for fun and came away with a win.”

PSW also had a student team participate, and will be entering staff and student teams into the volleyball competition later in the year as well.

With nine points, they have the early advantage.

The table tennis event is the next chance to knock PSW off the top of the ladder, being held on Friday 9 June.

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