Doubles Tennis SA Winter Pennant UniSA Team

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Doubles Tennis SA Winter Pennant UniSA Team

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UniSA Tennis will be submitting teams into the Tennis SA Winter Pennant. Teams will be a minimum of 4, maximum of 6 and will be male and female exclusive. Only doubles matches will be played. In a team of 4, each team member will play with each other.

After purchasing, you will be broken up into skill and placed into divisions so you will compete in fair competition. If there is a request to play with another person, we will certainly take that into account.

This will be an external weekly tournament, played on a Saturday afternoon that will last between late April to late August. (dates pending)

This product will get you a place in a team within the Winter Pennant, as well as covering insurance, balls and court hire. Refunds will be available only if there is not enough members to submit a team.

You will not be able to purchase the singles competition product with this one.




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