UniSA Karate - Magill Free Trial [Join/Renew]

UniSA Karate - Magill

This club is affiliated with UniSA Sport

Free Trial:

Come along for a free first week to see how keen we are to make your self-development rewarding and fun! Training is bare foot so no special equipment is required (just attend in comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely). If you enjoy yourself during the trial week, you can officially join the club if you'd like.

Joining the Club

As a UniSA Student, Staff, or Alumni there's just a $50 tuition fee which lasts for the full year; for that you can train as many classes as you like each week all year long! If you are keen to purchase a uniform, these are provided by the club at $79 (for the heavy-weight canvas uniform including dojo embroidery and white belt). The uniform is just a once-off purchase.