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UniSA Athletics Club

This club is affiliated with UniSA Sport


Join UniSA Sport
Before you join the UniSA Athletics you must first join UniSA sport. To do this go onto the UniSA sport home page (http://unisasport.edu.au/) and hit ‘join’. Then;
a) Select student if you are a UniSA student. Select non-student if you go to another Uni or are not a student.
b) Once the either of the above products has been selected you will need to create an account with UniSA sports.
c) Follow the prompts and fill in all your details.
d) If you are a UniSA student the membership is free, if you are not, pay the $22 joining fee.
e) Now you are a member of UniSA Sports. This means you are covered under their insurance and you are able to attend any social events that they hold throughout the year. All club members must join UniSA Sports.

Join the UniSA Athletics Club;
a) Locate the athletics Club page on this website and click join.
b) Join the group called '2017 UniSA Athletics Members'
c) Purchase the $10 club membership product. *valid for the university calendar year
d) You are now a club member and are entitled to a number of benefits

Join the Facebook page;
(You will be approved on request).
Here you can see all of the upcoming events (Events Tab), ask any questions you have and chat with everyone from the club, or post on the wall to see who’s heading out for a run!