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Posted By Sean Davis on 15/10/2016

The final lot of big announcements to come out of our anniversary celebration and AGM from October 1st are immensely exciting. The Club AGM not only provided us with the opportunity to elect our board for the following 12 months but allowed us to recognise the work of some outstanding individuals in a club of many.

15 months ago, through an impromptu Southern UniGames appearance, an idea was sparked, an idea to bring Ultimate back to the University of South Australia and establish a club were the good times would extend far beyond the field. This idea would yield so much more than what was expected and would be the starting point of a legacy that cannot yet be defined.

Mere words cannot express the how grateful we are for everyone’s contributions in helping build this community to where it is. However in the case of departing club secretary and all-round great bloke Alex Stretton we’ll try to do our best.

A relatively new player to the Ultimate scene, Alex’s talent and successes extend well beyond the Ultimate field exemplifying the club vision he helped create. At times a true puppeteer, he used his time with us pulling the strings to build a club that could thrive for future years, planting the seeds so others could enjoy the fruits on his labour. Amongst being a great leader and captain of a medal bound state-league team, perhaps Alex will be best known for his turn of a phrase and a way with words that astounded all. Even if you were unfortunate enough to not be at the fields for a game you would never miss the experience due to his encapsulating weekly wrap-ups.

We wish Alex our undervolted best and are excited to see how he will change the lives of those around him, wherever he travels. His contributions towards this club have helped shape our past and prepare for our future and for that we are truly grateful.
With the ending of a chapter another one starts, continuing the story and making way for new experiences that are just waiting to be written. It’s with this in mind that we’re eager to announce our new UniSA Ultimate board for the following year:

President – Sean Davis (returning)
Secretary – Annalee Alexander
Treasurer – Alana Colbert (returning)

In best efforts to continue club expansion we’ve also taken on the following positions for the following year.

Social Media & Personal Relations – Jade Tremaine
General Board Member – Chloe Neville
General Board Member – Harley Smith
General Board Member – Luke Nguyen

We’re tremendously excited to see where the future will take us and where we can be in the next 12 months.

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