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Judo is a great way to keep fit and learn self defence. It develops self confidence, concentration and flexibility, as well as physical coordination, stamina and strength.


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Welcome to the UniSA Judo Club! Boys and Girls all welcome.
Judo is a Japanese Budo (traditional martial art) and Olympic sport today.

Judo is known for its 68 throwing techniques (Nage waza) but also includes 32 groundwork techniques (Katame waza), by using specialised 10 holds (Osaekomi waza), 10 arm locks (Kansetsu waza) along with 12 choking techniques (Shime waza). Practicing Kata is a great venue to understand the system of the techniques and movements. We provide Kata exercise as well as Shiai. We cover these Katas include Nage no Kata, Katame no Kata, Ju no kata, Kime no Kata and Kodokan Goshinjutsu.

White belt (non graded), Yellow belt (5th Kyu), Orange belt (4th Kyu), Green belt (3rd Kyu), Blue Belt (2nd Kyu), Brown Belt (1st Kyu) and Black belt (Shodan). We regularly take Judo belt grading twice a year at the club but if you train more than 3 or 4 times a week, you might have an extra Belt grading. Train your mind, skills and body throughout Judo!

Tuesday @ Pridham Hall, City West campus, 6:30pm-8:40pm
Thursday@ Brookman Hall, City East Campus, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Friday @ Pridham Hall, City West campus, 6:30pm-8:40pm

Members have the opportunity to participate in Judo competitions held locally as well as interstate (eg Melbourne International and Australian National Championships). The club also sends a team to the UniSport Nationals held in the end of September each year.

UniSA JC First Half (SP2), 2020
(SP2: 01/Feb-31/Jun)
(SP5: 01/Jul-30/Nov)

1)Renew or Register please.
All financial members (2020) must register UniSA Sport membership. To be a member of this club you must be a UniSA Sport member, membership for UniSA students is free and $25 annually for UniSA staff, alumni and community members.

2) Training fees:
For IJF affiliated members
Secondary School Students $180 (include Club membership $40/sp2)
Uni Students $200 (include Club membership $40/sp2)
Non-Students $250 (include Club membership $40/sp2)

3) Starter pack for New people.
First two sessions within two weeks are free.
All Students $90 for 12 weeks
Non-students $99 for 12 weeks

4) Casual training fee
$10 (no grading & no competition)

5) Events
There are full of events through the Year, show you some here.
UniSA Judo Summer camp (Jan), Melbourne International Open (Mar), Kodomo no hi Festival, Fundraising, The Red&White Team Comp (May), National Champonships in Gold Coast (Jun), Fundraising (Jul), Judo trip (Aug), Uni Nationals in Perth (Sep), World Judo Kata championships (Sep), Adelaide International Open (Oct), Kata seminar in Sydney (Oct), The Red&White Team Comp ( Nov), UniSA Sport Award night (Nov), Interstate comp (Dec) and the end of Year Party (Dec) etc.

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