Student-Athlete Testimonial: Darcy Strudwick

Deanna Kennedy


Darcy is currently studying in his final year of a Master of Finance. This will be Darcy’s third year in the UniSA Sport Athlete Development Program. Darcy is juggling studying with his passion for cycling. He is also one of the founding members of the UniSA Pedal Prix Club. 

Darcy saysParticipating in the UniSA Sport Athlete Development Program has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me.” 

The primary reason for choosing to be a part of this program was to grow as an athlete. He recognised that there was untapped potential, and he needed the right guidance and support to unlock it. 

Darcy first heard about the UniSA Sport Athlete Development program through social media.  

He says, “Since joining the program, I've witnessed a significant enhancement in my athletic performance. The focus on strength and conditioning has played a pivotal role in this transformation. I've become more consistent in my training, and my work ethic has reached new levels. This has translated into improved results in my sport. 

Moreover, the program has also helped me prevent injuries and enhance my overall physical condition. The emphasis on balance and explosive strength has been particularly beneficial in my sport. 

Participating in the Athlete Development program has provided Darcy with valuable insights into strength and conditioning practices. He has learned about the importance of consistency, how to target different muscle groups effectively, and the significance of using the correct loads and selected actions for optimal results. 

While Darcy has not needed access to allied health services like physiotherapy, podiatry, or exercise physiology, the availability of these services within the program serves as a great support system for athletes who might need them. 

In terms of Darcy’s health and well-being at university, this program has had a positive impact. He says, “It has motivated me to get onto campus and engage in physical activities, breaking the monotony of sitting in front of screens for extended periods. 

Participation in the UniSA Sport Athlete Development program has enhanced my university experience in various ways. It has allowed me to create connections beyond the classroom, exposing me to different facets of university life. Building stronger connections with peers who share similar outlooks and sporting prowess has been an added bonus. 

Darcy would wholeheartedly recommend participating in the UniSA Sport Development program to UniSA students, who are looking to excel in their chosen sport. His advice to participants in the program is to take pride in your involvement, work hard to maximise the benefits, and get fully immersed in the program—it truly is next level! 

In conclusion, the UniSA Sport Athlete Development Program has been a game-changer for Darcy, both as an athlete and as a university student. It has equipped me with the tools and knowledge I needed to reach my athletic goals, and it has enriched my overall university experience in ways I couldn't have imagined” says Darcy. 


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