Home Hustle workouts inspiring routine and connectedness

Kirralee Thomas


UniSA Sport’s #TeamUniSA Home Hustle Zoom workouts have been helping people find a comfortable routine and feel more connected throughout an unprecedented 2020.

When the COVID-19 pandemic caused gyms to close and people to work from home, UniSA Sport organised free group fitness classes to be held via Zoom, so anyone who could no longer visit a gym or needed some extra help getting moving while at home could have some structured fitness back in their lives.

The classes were hugely successful during the lockdown period with over one thousand people joining in, so UniSA Sport has continued running the free classes via Zoom for those studying or working online and at regional campuses.

UniSA staff member Amanda Richardson from the Teaching Innovation Unit has become a regular participant in the Home Hustle workouts.

Prior to COVID-19, Amanda attended UniSA Sport’s group fitness classes based at Pridham Hall, so having the Home Hustle workouts helped fill that void.

“When we all had to go home, I was a bit like, ‘oh, what am I going to do’,” Amanda said.

“I really like having that class structure, so having the Home Hustle was really great to have that direction.

“I loved sharing it with some other people – knowing you've got a class even if you're not all next to each other, I really liked that connectedness.

“Moving is important to me, for my health, both physical and mental, so if I hadn't been doing the workouts, I wouldn’t be feeling as good as I am now.”

Amanda said there were numerous aspects of the classes that she enjoyed.

“I really like having the structure around somebody telling me what to do, rather than having to be solely responsible for choosing what to do and how long to do it for,” she said.

“I liked that the classes were made that you didn't fancy equipment and the classes were varied enough that it wasn't just doing push ups and sit ups every class.

“The instructors were always really friendly and enthusiastic and they tried to get everybody involved at their level.”

Amanda said she would recommend the classes to anyone as she believed they would suit people just starting their fitness journey and those who already have a strong fitness base.

“Everyone should get involved, the instructors always give various options of challenge, based on where you're at,” Amanda said.

“It's accessible to anyone – if you're really super fit, or if you're just getting started.”

UniSA Sport are still offering two weekly Home Hustle classes via Zoom – Yoga as well as Postural Strength and Core. Check out our full timetable and links to our Zoom classes via our website.


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