#TeamUniSA Profile: Jananee Nanayakkara Activator

Kirralee Thomas


This week we profile one of our UniSA Sport Activators, Jananee. Last year, Jananee was inducted into our UniSA Sport Activator program and has since volunteered her time at many of our campus events as well as the UniSA MOVEs program. Jananee has been a wonderful addition to our UniSA Sport community, greatly assisting to enhance the student experience on campus. You’ll see from our chat below that Jananee also volunteers throughout other areas of the university.

What course are you studying at UniSA?

I am a final year Master of Professional Accounting student.

What experiences/events have you been involved in as a UniSA Sport Activator?

As a UniSA Sport Activator I have been involved with Campus Fairs, Orientations, Open Days and been a part of the VC Cup Events. Similarly, I have been a part of the campus lunchtime walking groups.

What have you enjoyed most about being a UniSA Sport Activator?

I enjoyed meeting lots of new people through the different events I’ve participated as a UniSA Sport Activator. It was a wonderful way for me to network and get to meet different people and make new friends.

What other programs are you involved with that contribute to UniSA campus life?

I am a PASS leader and UniMentor for the UniSA Business school. Additionally, I am Responsible Party Ambassador for USASA and the secretary of the UniSA Buddies club.

What would be your advice to students who are considering applying for a UniSA Sport Activator role?

Being a Sport Activator is a great opportunity and it’s a bonus for your resume. My own experience as a UniSA Sport Activator has been amazing. I have developed my communication and network skills, met new people and made many friends as I have participated in the different events UniSA Sport has held. All in all, it has been a wonderful and fun journey for me.

Jananee image

How are you keeping active and healthy while studying at home?

I workout at home and go for a run every once in a while.

How are you connecting with your fellow students while studying at home?

We keep in touch through Facebook and occasionally have video calls.

What music are you listening to at the moment to keep you motivated?

I am a huge fan of Epik High, a Korean hip hop group. They have some amazing tracks which keep me sane through this lockdown.

Name some of your hobbies?

I used to be an avid reader and these days I am very much into cooking and making desserts.

What is something about you we wouldn’t know?

I am a HUGE procrastinator.

Thanks Jananee!


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