#TeamUniSA Profile: Krutarth Suthar Student-Athlete

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Our next #TeamUniSA student-athlete profile is Krutarth Suthar, our Co-Team Manager and Co-Captain of our 2019 UniSport Nationals T20 Cricket team. Much like Ashish, Krutarth was instrumental in assisting to recruit and manage our UniSport Nationals Cricket team that played in Adelaide last year. Krutarth’s experience representing SA in junior state cricket was hugely beneficial in leading the team. We found out more about Krutarth following a recent chat.

What course are you studying at UniSA?

I am studying Bachelor of Business (Finance)

What sport do you play?


What is your experience at UniSport Nationals? AND the highlights of your state, national or international sporting achievements?

My UniSport Nationals experience has been wonderful, I made lot of great friends! What stood out more than any personal achievement was the standard of cricket we as a team played in that four days of cricket. Climbing 10 spots up from the previous time UniSA was involved in the nationals is by far the best and most memorable achievement for me!

Representing my State in U17s and U19s National Champs has also been a highlight of my sporting achievements.

What has been the highlight/favourite moment as a student-athlete?

Being part of the UniSport Nationals cricket championship was a great experience, a complete different level of competition at great playing facilities along with some very talented individuals.

How are you keeping active and healthy while studying at home?

Often go for a run when I can or make time for it during the day. Also, I try to go for cricket training for some time when possible.

Krutarth Suthar cricket images

How are you connecting with your team online?

We have a group chat on Messenger or getting in contact through Instagram or any other social media platform.

What music are you listening to at the moment to keep you motivated?

Music by Guy Sebastian keeps me going all day with a mixture of Old Bollywood classics!

Name some of your hobbies besides sport?

  • Travelling
  • Volunteering
  • Learning an instrument
  • Reading

What is something about you we wouldn’t know?

I like to rap, or write poetry, it’s another hobby which I struggle with but enjoy doing.

If you had a superpower what would it be and why?

Fly, because it would make it bit easier for me to play cricket and live life in general.

Thanks Krutarth!


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