#TeamUniSA Profile: Luke Oswald Team Manager

Alex Traeger


This week, we profile a UniSA Alumni who is still heavily involved with UniSA Sport, Luke Oswald. Luke is the Treasurer of our UniSA Lacrosse Club and a member of our UniSA Sport Advisory Group. He has been instrumental in growing lacrosse as a sport at both the national university level (UniSport Nationals) and state university level (SA Challenge) in recent years. Luke was rightfully recognised for his efforts last year, winning our 2019 Volunteer of the Year Award. He was also selected as a finalist for our 2018 Volunteer of the Year Award, and in the same year won a Club Colours Award for his service to the UniSA Lacrosse Club.

What course did you study at UniSA?

Master of Data Science

What sport/s do you play, team manage or coach?


List your experience and achievements with UniSA Sport as a Team Manager?

  • Set up lacrosse event for the SA Challenge Intervarsity Tournament in 2011 which has continued since
  • Helped reform UniSA Lacrosse Club in 2017
  • Set up indoor lacrosse competition at Pridham Hall
  • Team Manager for UniSA lacrosse teams for UniSport Nationals in 2019 (winning a gold medal) and Southern Uni Games in 2017 (winning a bronze medal)

Tell us about your most memorable moment as a Team Manager?

Going to last year's Div 2 Nationals on the Gold Coast (and winning the lacrosse event!)

What is your favourite aspect of being a Team Manager?

Putting together a team of students from different clubs who would otherwise not get the opportunity to play together

What skills have you developed from your role as a Team Manager?

Recruiting people to UniSport Nationals when the event, let alone the team, wasn’t confirmed was a hard-earned skill

How are you keeping active & healthy while working from home?

I'm doing a poor job of it, to be honest, but I walk the dogs when I can!

How are you connecting with your team online?

Using our Facebook group, although it's been a bit quiet lately, I am going to start doing a player/member profile series for our Club too

What music are you listening to at the moment?

An 80s New Wave playlist on Spotify

Name some of your hobbies besides sport?

I use pretty much any spare minute on lacrosse, but I also have an interest in family history research!

What is something about you we wouldn’t know?

I don't eat chicken

If you had a superpower what would it be and why?

I would clone myself so I could actually get to all the lacrosse projects I have on the list ... with maybe one spare so I could rest up :)

Luke Oswald at UniSport Nationals 2019

Thanks Luke, we wish we could clone you too!


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