Working Out and Working From Home: An Open Letter From UniSA Sport Manager Adrian George

Alex Traeger


Hi Team UniSA,

I’m writing this on my first official day of working from home as we do what we can to stem the spread of COVID-19. Having just finished an online Zoom meeting with a number of our facility staff it made me think how much things have changed in such a short space of time. I also wonder where we may find ourselves this time next week.

On Monday morning last week, I completed my last (for who knows how long) in-person workout at my gym. It was the start of one of the more difficult, challenging and strange workdays of my career. A day where we as UniSA Sport had to close the doors to our facilities, a day where we had to inform our casual staff we had no work for them in the foreseeable future, a day where we had to communicate to our facility members and stakeholders we were closed and didn’t know when we’d reopen.

As someone who has always been interested (obsessed) with sport, fitness and wellbeing, it was quite a 24 hours to learn as a customer and a Manager that gyms and indoor sports facilities would be closing the next day.

This obviously impacted on me in my personal but also professional life. My immediate thoughts turned to the Team at UniSA Sport, our staff, our members, our clubs and stakeholders. How would this impact on them, what support I could provide, would they be OK?

What this experience has taught me is that people are resilient, people are adaptable and people who have a passion for fitness and wellbeing will always find a way forward.

My gym had online classes being delivered by Wednesday last week and I was able to maintain my daily routine of a 6 am session, the workouts different but no less challenging and physically demanding.

As for the Team at UniSA Sport, I could not be more proud of the staff and how they have adapted to the current restrictions. They are embracing change, looking at ways in which we can continue to engage with the University Community and our members, all with a view of continuing to deliver the fitness and wellbeing programs and overall support we have in the past... only this time in the digital world.

These are challenging times but it’s also exciting to see what we can deliver to engage with and help as many people achieve their fitness and wellbeing goals.

I have loved being able to still connect with coaches and members of my gym, we can still push each other during workouts and celebrate a new PB or simply surviving (again the workouts are no less challenging).

At UniSA Sport, we aim to do something similar including fitness and wellbeing tips, workouts and online classes to support all students, staff and members not only maintain but increase their fitness.

The correlation between physical and mental health is well known, so now more than ever it is crucial that we look after our physical wellbeing so we can cope with the mental stress and anxiety that the COVID-19 situation is creating.

For now, I must go as I’m about to do a 5-minute stretching routine with my son, who is at home from school, to help with our flexibility after being seated for the past 2 hours.

Stay safe and I hope you enjoy what UniSA Sport delivers in the coming days/weeks and months.

Adrian George
Manager UniSA Sport


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