#TeamUniSA Profile: Dougy Howard UniSA Student Athlete

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It’s only natural that our first #TeamUniSA profile features a student who is a fixture of UniSA Sport, Dougy Howard. Dougy has been involved with UniSA Sport since its inception, through his involvement as a student-athlete, UniSport Nationals Team Manager and President of our UniSA Tennis Club. Dougy is also a member of our UniSA Sport Advisory Group and has been a finalist in many of our UniSA Sport Award categories; winning a Club Colours Award in 2016 and the Volunteer of the Year Award in 2018. We sat down with Dougy to celebrate his achievements and find out more about him.

What course are you studying at UniSA?

PhD in medical physics

What sport/s do you play?

Primarily tennis and mixed netball

List your experience/achievements at UniSport Nationals? AND any highlights of your state, national or international sporting achievements.

2012: Tennis athlete at Australian Uni Games (Adelaide)
2013: Mixed Netball athlete at Australian Uni Games (Gold Coast)
2014: Tennis athlete/team manager at Australian Uni Games (Sydney)
2015: Tennis athlete/team manager at Southern Uni Games (Adelaide) and Australian Uni Games (Gold Coast)
2016: Tennis athlete/team manager at Southern Uni Games (Melbourne) and Australian Uni Games (Perth); UniSA Team Captain at both events.
2017: Tennis athlete/team manager at Southern Uni Games (Geelong) and Australian Uni Games (Gold Coast)
2018: Mixed Netball athlete and Tennis team manager at UniSport Nationals (Gold Coast)
2019: Mixed Netball athlete at UniSport Nationals (Gold Coast)
2020: Southern Dragons Red State Mixed Netball Team

What has been the highlight/favourite moment as a student-athlete?

Winning gold in tennis at the Australian Uni Games in Perth was pretty great!

How are you keeping active & healthy while studying at home?

Exercises from home and going for a run when I can. The UniSA Moves app has been helping as well.

How has your training been affected/adapted?

The AMMNA Australian Championship was postponed until 2021 🙁 and training has been postponed until May (or when we can go back). Have been given some exercises to keep fit in the meantime.

What music are you listening to now to keep you motivated?

Honestly... Eurovision 2020 playlist

Name some of your hobbies besides sport?

Love gaming - PS4/Switch/PC and hanging with mates

If you had a superpower what would it be and why?

Telekinesis would be cool; who doesn't want to be about to move things with their mind - you could fly too!

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Thanks Dougy!


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