#TeamUniSA Profile: Lillee Wakefield UniSA Student Athlete

Alex Traeger


Our next profile highlights a student-athlete who had a very successful 2019, Lillee Wakefield. Lillee was a finalist for our 2019 Female Athlete of the Year Award and won both a Blues Award and Half Blues Award, having represented the University, South Australia and Australia as a para-athlete in Athletics. We enjoyed getting to know more about Lillee after a recent chat with her!

What course are you studying at UniSA?

I am studying a Bachelor of Contemporary Art/Master of Teaching

What sport/s do you play?

I do athletics (all the throws, my fave being Hammer) and judo

What is your experience/achievements at UniSport Nationals and what are the highlights of your state/national/international sporting achievements?

Last year I won two bronze medals in the hammer and shot put events at the UniSport Nationals. I also represented Australia for the first time winning a bronze medal at the INAS Global Games. I also broke the National Hammer record for my classification at the state champs this year after chasing it for quite some time.

What has been the highlight/favourite moment as a student-athlete?

I really enjoyed being able to compete for the uni, it was a very different experience to my other comps.

How are you connecting with your team online?

I keep up to date on Instagram mostly. The team from the Global Games have a group chat since we are all from different states so it’s been business as usual on there.

How has your training been affected/adapted?

I am pretty lucky to have my Dad as a coach so being in lock-down together has made it easier. We have turned the carport into a space where I can train and work on my uni work. We are also taking once or twice a week to go down to our local park to chuck some stuff. Judo has been harder to make do but I have just continued my normal drills/exercises.

What music are you listening to at the moment to keep you motivated?

I hate to say it but those TikTok songs have got to me, so I have been jamming to those, but also integrating some Jonas Brothers classics.

Name some of your hobbies besides sport?

I normally don't have very much time out of my sports and studies but when I do have some spare time I love to read. I find it a way to relax after a long day of work and training.

What is something about you we wouldn’t know?

I have a crazy obsession with all things glittery or shiny. Nearly all of my shoes have somehow got glitter or something shiny on them. I am like a bird, if it’s shiny I need it!

If you had a superpower what would it be and why?

I think I would want super speed. Not to use to become a runner. In fact, I don't like running very much at all. So I would use my super speed to finishing running fast so it doesn't take forever. That or to teleport, it would save a lot of time either way.

Thanks Lillee!


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