#TeamUniSA Profile: Patrick Schultz Team Manager and Coach

Alex Traeger


This week’s profile features the President of our UniSA Athletics Club, and UniSA Alumni, Patrick Schultz. Patrick has been heavily involved with UniSA Sport over the past few years, so you’ve probably seen him around campus during Orientation, Campus Fair or Clubs Fest, or Athletics events such as City to Bay and SA Challenge. Patrick was rightfully recognised for his efforts in 2019, receiving a Club Colours Award for his service to the UniSA Athletics Club and was selected as a finalist for our Volunteer of the Year Award. We had a recent chat with Patrick to get to know more about him!

What course are you studying at UniSA?

Completed a Bachelor of Health Science

What sports do you play, Team manage and Coach?

I coach Athletics (running, jumping, throwing events), manage the Athletics team for UniSA UniSport Nationals and (very casually) compete in distance running events.

List your experience/achievements wish UniSA Sport as a Team Manager and Coach?

Coaching the UniSA Athletics club has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience. My best achievement with the club would be coaching the 2019 City to Bay team, where all students who attended our training sessions placed ahead of the rest of Team UniSA in the half marathon distance.

What has been your most memorable moment as a Team Manager and Coach?

Not one moment, but we get lots of international students on internships and temporary study situations through the club. Being able to get to know these people and leave a positive impression of Adelaide and a new interest in Athletics is always rewarding and memorable.

What is your favourite aspect of being a Team Manager and Coach?

Seeing our athletes succeed and meet their goals of course, but also the diversity that athletics provides as a sport. We never know who will be involved, and it means no season is the same as the last.

What skills have you developed from your role as a Team Manager and Coach?

I have developed my skills as a coach working with Athletics SA. When I started I had more experience in technical coaching rather than pushing performance. My knowledge of the mental side of competing and developing athletic skills has been a huge development focus on my coaching.

How are you keeping active & healthy while studying/working at home?

Lots of running, stretching, balance/core work, and I have a few weights and bands etc. I'm fortunate that I have access to and knowledge of most forms of training.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

During isolation boredom, I've been re-exploring lots of mildly edgy music from my teenage years. Bit of Disturbed, old school Linkin Park, Tenacious D just to name a few.

Name some of your hobbies besides sport?

I spend (probably a bit too much) time gaming online. Apart from that, I spend lots of time with my fiancée and family eating and drinking.

Thanks Patrick!


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