Student-Athlete Testimonial: Alexander trewartha

Deanna Kennedy


Alex will be participating in the UniSA Sport Athlete Development Program for a second year in 2024. He enjoys the incredible support and opportunities it provides for his growth as an athlete. Alex says. “It's been a game-changer for me. I initially found out about the program due to being on the UniSA Elite Athlete & Performer register. 

One of the most significant ways this program has enhanced my performance in my sport is by helping me understand various exercises and boosting my confidence. The insights into strength and conditioning practices have been invaluable. I now have a deeper understanding of the importance of developing supporting muscles, which has translated into improved performance on the water.”  

Access to free allied health services like physiotherapy has been a lifesaver for Alex. When he injured his wrist during a training camp last year, he was able to pinpoint the issue and receive guidance on how to support and improve it. This level of care and attention has been instrumental in helping me achieve my sporting goals.” Alex says. 

Participating in this program has not only benefited Alex’s athletic performance but has also positively impacted on his overall health and well-being at university. Alex saysIt's been an excellent experience all around, and it has solidified the value of a university education for me. 

Alex wholeheartedly recommends the UniSA Sport Athlete Development Program to UniSA students, who are also playing an elite level of sport. It's one of the best value-added initiatives for any aspiring elite athlete.  

Overall, my journey with the UniSA Sport Athlete Development Program has been incredibly rewarding, Alex can't thank UniSA enough for their support in supporting him in his athletic and academic endeavors. 

Alex has been accepted in the UniSA Sport Athlete Development Program for 2024 and will be continuing to study a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical and Mechatronics) while also juggling Canoe Polo at an elite level. In 2023 Alex competed for SA in the Open team and has been selected as Vice Captain for the U21 Oceania squad competing in New Zealand.  


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