Student-Athlete Testimonial: Michael Case

Deanna Kennedy


Michael Case has been accepted for a third year in to the UniSA Sport Athlete Development Program. He is studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Exercise), whilst competing at an international level in Triathlon.  

Michael says “the UniSA Sport Athlete Development Program has been a game-changer for me, offering a multifaceted approach to improving my performance in sport. It encompasses fitness testing, strength and conditioning coaching, and access to top-notch gym and pool facilities. 

He first learned about the Athlete Development Program through a previous participant. Michael says, “this program has proven to be invaluable in enhancing my performance in my sport. The fitness testing has dramatically helped me set my training plans and race strategies, which are essential for achieving my goals. The strength and conditioning coaching not only aids in injury prevention but also significantly improves my overall performance. Moreover, the included gym and pool membership provide access to world-class training facilities at no extra cost, which is a massive advantage for any athlete. 

Participating in the Athlete Development Program has given Michael valuable insights into strength and conditioning practices. He says, “Having a dedicated S&C coach has been a game-changer, providing accountability and personalised programming. This experience has also greatly complemented my studies, as my course involves exercise testing subjects. The knowledge gained here has been a tremendous asset. 

While Michael has not accessed the allied health services like physiotherapy, podiatry, or exercise physiology, knowing they were available adds an extra layer of support and reassurance for athletes. 

This program has not only improved my athletic performance but has also positively impacted my overall health and well-being during my university years. The sense of holistic support it provides, thanks to a broad range of clinicians and options, is remarkable” says Michael. 

He emphasizes that participation in the UniSA Sport Athlete Development Program has truly enhanced his university experience. Michael says” It's a wonderful addition that helps you feel more connected to the university and extremely appreciative of the opportunity. The motivation it provides to perform better in studies is an added bonus. Being supported in reaching your extracurricular goals through such a professional program is a significant advantage. 

Michael recommends participating in the UniSA Sport Athlete Development Program to any UniSA students who have aspirations of competing in high performance sport. It's a comprehensive program tailored to suit athletes from various sports and disciplines. 

Michael says theUniSA Sport Athlete Development Program has been a transformative experience for me, and I am immensely grateful for the support and opportunities it has provided. It's a program that truly empowers athletes to excel in their chosen sports while thriving academically at the university. 


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