UniSA Athletics Club

The UniSA Athletics club is a newly formed club catering to athletes of all abilities, from beginners to elites. The club caters for sprinters, middle and long distance runners, jumpers, throwers and walkers


About Us
The UniSA Athletics Club is perfect for people of all fitness levels to develop their athletic potential. Join us to run, jump, walk and/or throw!

Weekly training sessions at Adelaide Harriers Athletics Club from 5:00-6:30pm on Wednesday nights.

Compete in intervaristy events such as the SA Challenge or UniSport Nationals Div 1 in track and field.

Additionally, club members train for local races and fun runs throughout the year including the City-Bay.

Membership Fees
To join the club you must be a UniSA Sport member, free for UniSA Students and $22 annually for UniSA Staff, Alumni and Community members. In addition there is a $10 annual club fee.

Contact Us
Patrick Schultz


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