#TeamUniSA Profile: UniSA Badminton Club

Kirralee Thomas


The UniSA Badminton Club is the latest club to be featured in our #TeamUniSA profile series. The club currently has 57 members which include UniSA students, staff, alumni and community who get involved in fun intra-club tournaments, while many of their members have had success at high levels of the sport.

What events has the club been involved in over the past 12 months?

The UniSA Badminton Club is constantly looking to be involved in as many events as possible. The club members really enjoy the internal tournaments the club organises early in the year and the cross-club tournaments we recently held. The club has already been in discussions to hold another cross-club tournament as soon we are able to. We have also had discussions into having our largest come and play session, along with smaller events to get our members back onto the courts!

Outline some of your club or club member achievements?

Various members of the club have achieved success while representing the UniSA Badminton Club, while many members have impressive personal achievements too. Elite members, Wang Jingpeng and Chee Ming Tan are a testament to this, with both representing Australia in the 2018 and 2019 South Australia International, an official Badminton World Federation tournament. Jingpeng played men's singles while Ming Tan competed in men's singles.

The club president, Haarwin Kantahrao competed in men's singles in two local tournaments in 2019, narrowly missing a finals spot against tough competition, while the club vice president, Andy Nguyen, won two men's doubles championships in 2019 in two local tournaments. Many members of the club also competed in similar tournaments in a variety of grades, showing passion for the sport.

The 2019 SA Challenge in badminton saw UniSA took home first and third, with both teams consisting of the maximum six members.


How has your club adapted to being online in terms of engaging with your members?

Badminton is an inclusive sport for all, accessible for boys, girls, men and women. The UniSA Badminton Club is always committed to engaging with our members and update them regarding any badminton related information through our Facebook page. Although we have a strong passion for the sport, we acknowledge the prioritisation of protecting the health and safety of the community, in particularly during these tough, unprecedented times. Through our media platform, we are able to generate awareness and attention to the club by frequent updates of the latest health guidelines handed down by the government. Additionally, we are in formal discussions of hosting a tournament once life returns to normal, to give our members something to look forward to as we all eagerly await for badminton social nights to return.

What is your favourite part of being a UniSA Sport club member?

UniSA sporting clubs provide a valuable learning experience through student involvement in fundraising, public relations, organisation, administration, budgeting, scheduling, coaching and leadership development.

How can people join your club?

UniSA students, staff, alumni and community members can become a member of the club, with UniSA students able to receive discounted membership fees. Please go to our website to purchase a club membership. You can also get the latest updates about the UniSA Badminton Club on our Facebook page.

Thanks UniSA Badminton Club!


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