#TeamUniSA Profile: UniSA Tennis Club

Joel Lahnstein


The UniSA Tennis Club is for beginners through to advanced players. Learn how to play tennis, be involved in a social hit or regular competitions, receive high-level coaching or represent the club at intervarsity or club level.

How many current members?

Approximately 60 members through UniSA Sport - from complete beginners to high-level competition players.

UniSA Tennis

What activities has the club been involved in over the past 12 months?

UniSA Tennis holds social hits at UniSA Mawson Lakes on Thursday afternoons and at Adelaide High School on Saturday's at midday; offering private coaching at both sessions. We also have junior coaching on Monday afternoons at Mawson Lakes. UniSA Tennis has also been involved in the Tennis SA local competition, SA Challenge and Salisbury Council’s ‘Growing For Gold’. We are also running ‘Cardio and Conditioning’ sessions Saturday's at midday at Adelaide High School to improve fitness and injury prevention, with the UniSA Athletics Club.

Outline some of your club or club member achievements?

In 2016, UniSA Tennis won a gold medal at UniNationals and were awarded Team of the Year at the UniSA Sport Awards Night. In 2017, UniSA Tennis won Club of the Year! In 2020, UniSA Tennis won the UniSA Sport Clubs Moves challenge during lockdown. UniSA Tennis has also won a couple of grandfinals in the Tennis SA pennant competitions and achieved first and second placed wins in the SA Challenge over the last few years. Dougy Howard (2016) and Luke Nguyen (2019) have also been awarded club colours.

How has your club adapted to being online in terms of engaging with your members?

UniSA Tennis has been profiling our members all year through social media and club members competed in (and won) the UniSA Clubs Moves challenge! All our committee meetings have moved onto Zoom also. Luckily, we were able to be one of the first clubs back on court!

What is your favourite part of being a UniSA Sport club member?

The best part of being a UniSA Sport club member is that it’s a great way to relax from the stress of uni and assignments. You can just let all your frustrations out on the tennis ball instead, while also being fit and social. It’s a win-win!

How can people join your club?

You can become involved with UniSA Tennis for social, coaching, competition and junior tennis through the UniSA Sport website! And you can also find us on Facebook or Instagram.


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