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Court description.How To Play
Here's some quick info to get you started. Hit below the out-line at the top and above the board on the front. We generally make all line calls out. The ball may touch the floor once, but only after touching the front wall. Side and back walls are ok after the serve hits the front wall.

Sometimes you might get in the way of your opponent's shot. If you don't try to get out of the way, your opponent is awarded a point (a stroke). But if you did try, and your opponent went for it, then replay the shot (a let). These are simplified rules for obstruction.

I've compiled some squash etiquette and conduct. It's mostly common sense, but still.
  • Safety first. Don't make a shot if you might hurt your opponent.
  • Give your opponent the benefit of the doubt. Not sure if you made it before the second bounce? Call your own faults.
  • Offer a let or stroke if you obstructed your opponent's shot.
  • If you can't agree, play a let.
  • Check your opponent is ready before serving.
  • Warm-up yourself, your opponent, and the ball.
  • If you're closest, please pick up the ball.
Finally, here is the full set of rules for reference. 2014 World Squash Singles Rules




By Scott Sleep 28 Mar 2014