UniSA Hockey Club

The Club

Formally the SAIT Hockey Club, (South Australian Institute of Technology), the name changed to UniSA Hockey Club in 1991 with the passing of the University of South Australia Act.
The clubs first woman’s team was established in 1970. It is believed that the first men’s team was established around the same time. The Men’s B1 team won its first title the following year in 1971 and was promoted into A2’s.

From its beginnings the club has been home to members from across regional South Australia. In later years players from across Australia as well as international students from dozens of countries around the world, who have come to live or study in Adelaide, have been represented in our teams.
In 2001 the club received the ‘Premier’s certificate of Appreciation’ for outstanding Volunteer Service. The club celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2010 and is one of the universities oldest sporting clubs.

Life Members

This is a lists those who have committed themselves as a member of our great club for ten or more years.

First Year – Life Member

1983 – Uwe Kaeding
1986 – Kevin Stone
1988 – Paul Whiting
1991 – Jonathon Driscoll
1993 – Tom Wildy
1994 – Andrew Wilson
1995 – Peter Doecke
1996 – Richard Cuthbert
1997 – Sally Ottaway
1998 – John Dyson
1998 – Sally Younger
1998 – Scott Russack
1999 – Sarah Martin
2000 – Dean Bohem
2000 – Tony Mattner
2001 – Mark Menzel
2001 – Sarah Guille
2001 – Andrew Stace

If you are potential life member who may predate our club records, please get in contact with the club.


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