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Membership Overview

UniSA Ultimate membership is designed to cater to the varying needs of each individual and their level of commitment. This is why we have detailed varying levels of membership options depending on how you like to play. 

By becoming a member of the UniSA Ultimate Club you're joining a community of players, volunteers and coaches taking maximum advantage of all the opportunities to play on the field and make memories off of it. You're also showing your support in helping grow the development of the club though uniting together and providing financial support so we can provide bigger and better events for you. Through becoming a member you're also becoming a member of UniSA Sport and gaining access to excellent sporting facilities and an even larger network of students, support staff and volunteers.

UniSA Ultimate membership is only $15 for a calendar year for everyone.
Team UniSA membership is $25 for a calendar year. However, UniSA students are waived this fee as it is paid for in your SSAF, making it FREE.

Membership Breakdown


Team UniSA Membership

UniSA Ultimate Membership

City Social League [CSL] Recommended Recommended
Northern Ultimate Social League [NUSL] & Other Social Leagues Recommended Recommended
Competitive Leagues (Metro League, State League, etc.)
Social Tournaments Recommended Recommended
Interstate Representative Teams
SA Challenge Recommended
Trainings Recommended Recommended


Steps to Join

1) Press the Become A Member Today button below
2) You will have to first add and complete the purchase of a Team UniSA membership fully before you can add or purchase the UniSA Ultimate Club membership
3) Now that you are a Team UniSA  member you can add and purchase a UniSA Ultimate Club membership
4)Join the UniSA Ultimate Facebook Group & enjoy!

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As a Team UniSA member you'll benefit from discounted memberships, get access to 25+ UniSA Sport clubs, have the chance to represent UniSA at intervarsity or community sporting events, and more!