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Open To All Trainings

The UniSA Ultimate Club offers trainings for all people who are interested FREE of charge, always. Club trainings are catered to the needs of the attendees by our experienced coaches so that they meet your current skill level. They're perfect for those wanting to try the sport and build their confidence by playing tonnes of games and fundamental skills, or cater to those wanting to improve their game by learning more in depth strategies and challenging skills.

A typical training will consist of joint warm-up games before splitting to beginner and competitive trainings side by side. This way people can learn the skills relevant to their level.

Everybody Welcome

Tuesdays 6:30pm - 8:30pm at Park 10 (Bullrush Park and Warnpangga), War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide 5006, Kaurna Land

2024 Trainings will begin February 20th

Make sure to follow the UniSA Ultimate Facebook Page and join the Facebook Group to ensure you stay up to date on training announcements as we sometimes cancel due to weather or other Ultimate events.


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