Frequently Asked Questions!

I'm not a UniSA Student, can I still join?
Yes! Non-students are welcome to join! You'll need to purchase the UniSA Sport membership (an additional $25) and then you can join the club and climb with us!!

When does the club climb?
Throughout 2019 the club trained together every Tuesday evening at Pridham Hall. Pridham Hall is currently closed until April 2020 so we will be climbing regularly around Adelaide at local gyms until it re-opens. Discounts for club members apply on club training nights! 

Where do you climb?
We have a variety of days where club members recieve discount at the gyms around Adelaide and we encourage members to attend on those days to hang out with fellow members! These sessions are not mandatory and it is best to post on the Facebook page prior to see if fellow members are also going. Pridham Hall sessions are our primary sessions and will always have people present. Currently, our schedule is as follows: 
  • Monday: Vertical Reality Climbing (Holden Hill)
  • Tuesday: Pridham Hall 5.30-8.30pm (UniSA City West)
  • Wednesday: Beyond Bouldering (Keswick)
  • Thursday: Adelaide Bouldering Club (Thebarton)
  • Friday: Beyond Bouldering (Kent Town)
Discount is provided at each venue (Pridham Hall is free)

What discount is provided at each gym?
Vertical Reality Climbing offers a discount on Monday’s (discount to be announced shortly). Beyond Bouldering offers club members $15 entry on Wednesday’s at Keswick and Friday's at Kent Town. Adelaide Bouldering Club offers $13 entry every day as well as $65 monthly memberships. Sessions at Pridham Hall are always free for current club members! 

Are trainings compulsory?
No. Club members are not required to attend any/all trainings. We encourage you to attend some of the sessions to see what you prefer and what fits in with your schedule. 

How long does the membership last?
2020 UniSA Rock Climbing Club memberships expire 31/12/20. Get in quick to make the most of it! 

How do I stay up to date with club information?
There are two ways of staying up to date with club information. We recommend turning on post notifications on the Facebook page to make sure you get all the information you need. We will also email members with information for outdoor days, session bookings, and social events. If you don't want to receive these emails, just reply "unsubscribe" to an email we send. 

Is there a trial option?
Yes! We have developed a come and try session. For $15 you can have once-off venue access, we will teach you how to belay, and provide any gear you might need! After that, you can decide if you wish to join us again. If you’re unsure, get a come and try with a friend! Come and try passes must be purchased online via the UniSA Sport website and attendees must arrive prior to 6 pm.

Click HERE to purchase a $15 Come and Try pass! 
The come and try sessions begin every Tuesday at Pridham Hall at 6 pm.

Do you climb outdoors?
YES! Check out the "Climbing Outdoors" tab to learn more!

Where should I look for updates?
Facebook is your best port of call for this! We will post events there, as well as updates on social events, club shirts, Pridham Hall sessions, and many more things. Request to join the group today.


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