Come and Try Sessions

UniSA Rock Climbing Club

The UniSA Rock Climbing Club offers a come and try option which are a great opportunity to give rock climbing at Pridham Hall a go without purchasing a membership. 

When are these sessions held?
The come and try sessions are available every session we hold at Pridham Hall. When purchasing your come and try session you may select the date you wish to attend from the available dates. Sessions begin at 6 pm to run people through an induction session.  

How do I purchase a come and try session?
To purchase a come and try session, click here and follow the prompts. 

Do I have to purchase a come and try before I attend?
Spots are not guaranteed so please ensure you purchase your come and try pass prior to arrival. 

Can I purchase multiple come and try sessions?
As the Come & Try sessions are intended to be a trial for people considering joining the UniSA Rock Clmbing Club, any given person can only ever attend one session as a non-member using the Come & Try Session Pass. If multiple Come & Try Session Passes are purchased, you will not be allowed to participate in the Come & Try Sessions multiple times. In contrast, members of the UniSA Rock Climbing Club can attend the Pridham Hall sessions every week for free after signing up.

What if there are no spots remaining for a session?
Spots are limited for safety and enjoyment. If there is no stock available this may mean all spots are full! 

What if I can't arrive by 6 pm?
If you aren't able to arrive by 6 pm, email the club ( to make alternative arrangements.

I haven't been to Pridham Hall before, does this matter?
If you have not been to Pridham Hall before, you will need to do an induction session that begins at 6 pm. These do not incur any additional costs. We will teach you everything you need to know to climb at Pridham Hall. 

I’m brand new at climbing, can I come and climb?
Yes!! New people are very welcome at the Pridham Hall sessions and the come and try session is the perfect opportunity for new people to give it a go! 

I’m not very strong. Does this matter?
Of course not! That's why climbing is such a great sport - it doesn’t matter how strong you are. You will get stronger quickly and learn great techniques to help you reach the top of your climbs!

I’m new, what should I bring to a climbing session?
Just wear comfortable gym clothes and bring water! If you have climbing shoes or harnesses you can also bring those! If you don’t have climbing equipment, we have harnesses, shoes (in most sizes but not all) and chalk for you to use! 

Will I need to buy any gear or equipment?
We provide shoes, harnesses, chalk, and ropes at each venue. Usually, there is more than enough however, sometimes we run out of sizes so please understand that availability is limited. 


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