Climbing Outdoors!

Did you want to try climbing outdoors? Have you tried climbing indoors and now want to give it a go outdoors?
The UniSA Rock Climbing Club takes its members climbing outdoors to a variety of areas around Adelaide!!

Do you climb outdoors?
YES! We love taking climbers of all levels of outdoor climbing! You just need to be a member and there’s no additional charge for outdoor sessions! They are perfect for beginners as we have all the equipment you need and have the climbs set up ready to go! We’ll show you all the safety you need to know and ensure you have a great outdoor experience!

When are these sessions held?
We typically hold the outdoor sessions on Saturday or Sunday mornings beginning around 8 or 9 am and finishing around 1 or 2 pm. This usually depends on the weather and how much climbing people have done. 

How do I find out when the outdoor sessions occur?
We also email financial members about the upcoming outdoor sessions! This provides a link to register for the event. This link can also be found under the '
store' section of our website

Do I need to register? 
Yes! For the safety and enjoyment of the club members, outdoor session attendance is limited! There is an online registration form available when the outdoor session date is announced! There will be a link provided via email. You will need to register in order to attend and there is additional information provided by you to request gear and nominate to carpool.

Will I need to buy any gear or equipment?
We provide shoes, harnesses, chalk, and helmets on each outdoor session. We provide and set up the top ropes and ensure that climbers have the appropriate gear for the outdoor session. You do not need to bring any quickdraws, belay devices, etc. 

I’m brand new at climbing, can I come to the outdoor session?
Yes! We require that members have climbed at least once at either Pridham Hall or VRC (so that they know how to tie in and belay) but if you can't attend either session and would like to still climb outdoors, send us an email and we can usually accommodate you!  
We exclusively "top rope" so that everyone is able to actively participate and we set up both easy and hard routes! Everyone is usually able to climb something successfully on the day!

What should I bring to the outdoor session?
Before each outdoor session, we will email out a PDF document detailing the meeting point and any required gear. Generally, we require you to wear comfortable, SunSmart gym clothes, bring 2L of water and snacks/lunch. You can also bring any climbing gear you may own like shoes or harnesses, but these are not required!



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